Making the complex, simple.

Businesses with technical offerings, complex sales cycles or premium products and services have unique marketing needs. That’s where Propellr comes in. We are a full-service marketing agency that specialises in translating complex offerings into marketing outcomes that make sense.

What we do

We help you cut through the complexity and communicate simply with your customers, delivering the right message at the right time.

We start by ensuring we understand the commercial objectives of your business with a highly consultative approach.

In fact, we don’t move forward to implementation until we are clear on how you do business, the intricacies of your offerings and the current challenges you’re facing.

Once this foundation is set, we leverage our depth of marketing knowledge to build out robust plans and strategies. More than that, we ensure recommendations are pragmatic and actionable, and depending on your inhouse capability, we can also assist with implementation.

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What we offer

We are invested in our clients. We create a collaborative partnership with you and act as an extension of your team. Propellr offers the following services:


Leveraging insights from our initial discussions, we work closely with you to create a clear path forward for your marketing planning and strategy.


As your digital marketing consultants, we help you harness the power of technology in a fast-moving digital landscape to promote your brand online using a variety of digital mediums.


We deliver creative solutions that achieve your strategic objectives. If you’re looking for fresh visual ways to engage your audience, we are the creative agency for you.


Your website is the cornerstone of your marketing strategy. Our team has extensive experience in custom website development including the creation of eCommerce sites, UI/UX journey mapping, CRM integration and web metrics and analytics.


We know what works best when it comes to advertising a brand. We can help connect you with your audiences via print distribution, radio, cinema, press, TV, billboards and more - extending your business’ reach.


Good content allows you to control the narrative of your brand and amplify the reach of all your other marketing activities. With our content marketing package, we provide SEO-optimised content that helps your audience discover and engage with your brand’s story.

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Who we are

Meet our team of experienced marketing professionals ready to support you in reaching your strategic goals.


Sam Neilson

General Manager


Diandra Gavillucci

Group Account Director


Bridgette Campbell

Director of Strategy


Amanda Douglas

Senior Marketing Lead


Lauren King

Marketing Lead


Rosie Odsey

Director of Operations


Lani Machado

Web Division Lead


Karl Tapangan

Web Developer


Jaymis Horsey

Creative Division Lead


Jennie Chung

Graphic Designer


Meg Gillan

Content Specialist


Vi Trang

Digital Specialist


Lester Mina

Business Support Officer

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